So my posts are going to be a little random! Some will be about me, on a way personal level! And some will be about a situation I personally know about, seen, heard, or read.  I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday as to the fact it was a holiday and it was spent with my family and then off to work it was. 

          The one thing about me is I am always thinking. I think about people. Not to make me sad or to hurt but because I want people to see that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. I know at the time it really does seem that bad. So I spend my free time reading articles to help me be more knowledgeable on how to be more positive and how to stay out of depression, because myself deal with bipolar, the manic depression kind. I can usually see now that I am older falling backwards. And 9 times out of 10 can try to avoid that here in the last year and half.

               Yes it is very difficult! With teenagers it is VERY difficult! But I also realized most things in life is just life! That’s what we were suppose to be prepared for. Our parents were always there cushioning us to avoid us from our feelings. And now generations it’s gotten worse. But being more educated on how to deal with certain things is the best answer I feel. We can’t avoid it! We can not stop it! 

               Our parents and I, as well, have caught myself just doing things for my children, when I stop and realize how can they learn if I continue to do these things for my children! I ask myself, “how is this going to teach them, if I handle this for her?”

                  That being said kids nowadays thinks parents don’t care because they try to teach them things on their own…which is simply not the case! So do you have this trouble? If the problem keeps being persistent, then yes, by all means over take the situation. But if you keep handling the situations for them how are they going to handle them later in life, when they become an adult! Or when you are gone( sad to say you can’t live forever!) 

                     Do you want you child to be 30 and still having you call making appointments? Do you want your child to be 40 and still living in your house with their kids because he/she can’t keep a job because they don’t like the way people talk to them at work or tell them how to do their job! I hear people daily say I don’t like my job!  You don’t like your job because you don’t like people telling you what to do.  That’s where it’s came from. 

                       I know grown people who don’t work, get thrown off properties because they could not follow directions because they have always been “cushioned” with their feelings. They have always have had someone take up for their behavior for why it’s ok to be and act that way. It’s that simple!  Trust me as a child and raising children…… It’s stressful and you will cry and get depressed at times you will think they hate you and they may think you hate them but when they get older they will thank you for becoming the responsible person they have became!!!!!!!

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