Better Days!!!!

Even on days that I feel I can’t be positive I feel there are better things for me! Not just in a relationship but in life generally! I have been through so much! I’m always told I’m a wise person! I take that kindly and at times I don’t feel that way. But I do what I can to help those I can when I can if I can help them make their life less hectic and give them the best positive advice I can, then I did my daily objective for the day! 

           I smile even when I’m down because I know to arrow can be Bette and I push for it to be! There was a time in my life I howl I didn’t wake up! And when I did it made me angry and even more upset and diappointed! Then, one day I woke and decided I need to change this I’m tired of feeling this way! I need to make a change.

            I need to be happy I wake up! I get to see my kids. Some people don’t get to! So people don’t get to wake up and today my father didn’t choose me! And that in itself makes me happy!  Not every situation turns out to be the greatest but it’s better than it could be! And that’s how I look at every situation!

             Yes you may wake up in jail today, yes you may have woke up in a hospital, but some people didn’t even have that option. You could have not even woke up to make a difference today! A difference to change the path you wanna take. You have a choice! Not one person in your life makes you do anything! Yes you feel provoked, some say, but you still have a choice on how you decide to handle that! Things could always be much more worse!

                Some days you may think how can it get any worse, but it could indefiantly get worse! You could not be able to choose! Everybody has a choice!!!!! What choices are you going to make? What difference are going to change? What path are you going to take? It’s up to YOU!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Better Days!!!!

  1. Cezane & Michelle

    Your new blog is quite fascinating carrying quite some experience and Intel to learn from. Keep going, you have my support. Do visit my blog if in need of any assistance dear. Cheers! – Cezane

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