The Mask

It’s crazy how quick I can put my mask on. Even as much as I’m falling apart. I can easily put smile on my face and be happy. People around me could never know how much I hurt!

         But see that’s the thing, through life people shouldn’t have to endure this much pain. Growing up I’ve had to do it my whole life! When I was two my parent divorced. My life changed forever and seemed it’s always been downhill since. But it’s not about put my problems on everyone else! I always wanted to help and keep everyone else from that! Seeing others do good and happy is what makes me keep pushing forward! 

            When I’m alone I’m in pieces! But when I’m around everyone or anyone else I’m like not a bit is wrong. People always ask how I can be so strong! It’s not that I feel weak it’s not that I feel any less, I just don’t bear my problems or feelings to anyone else or to their problems already! 

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