New Things

So yesterday after I got out of orientation, I found out a band I follow was playing close to me! I called a few of my girlfriends and all of them had to either work, or go to work! There was probably other girlfriends I could of ask, but with them knowing you know who, and the possibility of him asking them questions I didn’t ask them. I’d rather just keep them out of the situation.

            So I went by myself! I was super nervous because once I went dancing with a friend for her birthday, and someone slipped something in my drink, I ended up getting raped that night. Two things were different about then and now!

               First I am more responsible, I wouldn’t leave the drink sitting on the table! Which it stayed in my hand! And secondly I wasn’t there to party, I was there for one purpose and that was to see the band! So the drinks were apart, and I only had three! 

                So the show was AWESOME! And yes people tried hitting on me, and I politely turned them down! I wasn’t there for that either! There was a girl who was absolutely drunk! Named KeeKee, she was from Purto Rico, she told me to come dance with her! She kept telling me how beautiful I was! 

               When the show ended He took pics with everyone, I of course got a selfie too! But it was so weird because he noticed me! He thanked me for sticking up for his posts, and being a loyal fan! I also told him of course, my kids love you too! You speak for them and people like them! He asked who they were and he knew their names too! It was just great!!! The best feeling ever! I may not matter to some people but I do to others! And that’s what counts!!!!!


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