2 Leaves in One Day

I did get a tug at the heart! My second leaf passed this morning! He was a very close friend. He was very close to my family. Always looked out for us. Always cared about my kids, and seeing my kids cry, did make a few tears fall.

      He was sick with cancer, but that’s not what killed him, a massive heart attack early this morning! And that’s what was sad! He was just fine yesterday! Working hard, smiling, wouldn’t even known he was sick! He took really good care of hisself!

        Since I been spending time at my moms, and knows what’s been going on with me and my break up, he’s been concerned for me and my kids! And never like to see me sad! Or even see me cry!  He truely was a great man! Saddens me the good ones are leaving! You truly are gonna be missed! 

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