I understand at some point in life you got to! About birthdays, to surprise someone, or for something good! But not for something bad!

     I know people do it ALOT! And as I got older and now, I never thought people did it as much as they do! And till this day I still don’t understand! Why!? Why lie!?

      My take is why lie, it cause you to for one stress, which not only gives you one bad ass headache, but effects your health in so many ways! You gain weight, get out of shape, your memory gets foggy because you have to lie about the lie and then come up with another lie on top of that one and then your just in a whole other world made up of lies. It is so much easier being honest and real to begin with! Your memory starts forgetting important things, because your trying to keep up with what you lied about to begin with!  I mean it really isn’t all that bad!

         Me, I can get over being told the truth a whole lot easier than a lie! Yea I might be upset over whatever, but I’d be happy that at least you were honest, and didn’t try to lie! Secondly, why you trying to lie to me anyways?  I’m not the kind of person you got to go out of your way to impress! Either I already am or you wouldn’t have my attention, or I wouldn’t give you the time or day!Thirdly I must like you in some sort of fashion, whether it’s because I’m Kool with you because we have an understanding, or your just a good friend. But don’t lie!!!!

           Your suppose to be grown! Hell I know these woman! Who are older than me, straight lie to my face! Why? I don’t know!  If it’s to make them feel better ok! But it really makes them look like something aweful! Because not any grown woman in their right mind, is gonna lie, regardless of any situation! That’s the difference between me and them! I don’t lie! I’m gonna tell you straight how it is, and I think that’s why they have lied, and think that I’m these ways they say, because the truths they can’t handle! 

           A few of the people I have included in this area because I was super close to!  And yes at some point I have lied to them Bc of  the relationship I was in. No excuse! And admittedly told the truth because I felt bad about the lie. I tried to lie, and couldn’t and then told the truth! This happened on several occasions! Not to benefit me in anyways, it was to benefit him, Everytime! But my guilt overcame me and told the truth! That’s how I am!

       Truth does set you free! Truth is real! No sense in lying, or covering problems up or even acting like they are not there! And blaming people for somone else choices isn’t gonna fix it either! Look in the damn mirror! Don’t judge me!!!! I was honest!!!! I didn’t lie! You did! I tried helping! I tried to do the right thing!!!! You can’t look at a pile of shit and call it chocolate pudding!!!!!!


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