When A Leaf Falls

I’m a very wide open minded person!!!! Some people think I’m cold hearted!( so I been told) Others would say, I have one of the biggest hearts they have ever meant! I try to be positive about things! And I defiantly have my own view on many topics! 

     I’m VERY spiritually minded, and I for sure take in everyone’s opinion, whether I agree or not! I found out today that a leaf has fallen from my tree! Interpretation a loved one has passed!

      Now I, am very different than some! I want to mention that MY tree is very different than other people’s in my family! My branches stem far and wide!!!!! Because not only are my parents divorced, so that has extended my family but my mom has had lots of friends and that in itself extends my branches even further! 

       This gentleman I talk of is from my younger years! My aunt was married to him and he blessed me with 3 cousins, i talk to 2 of them and super close to one! They all have families of their own and different lifestyles! It’s one of those life got in the way type of things!  I would totally jump in my car go three states over but with me starting a new awesome job, I can’t! I also would love to mention that this man also remarried to my high school best friends mother! So he has always been my uncle regardless of the divorce! 

     Now I brought up I would go to be with family! BUT I don’t usually attend funerals! I know it’s kind of weird, and probably got you puzzled. But my outlook on this is! I know people have a grieving process! And that’s great! We all are sad because we loose the one we love, we won’t be able to touch them, hear them laugh, complain even, but, I think of this as a happy thing! And more so as I got older! 

       I remember the first funeral I went to when I was a child it was for uncle Ollie! He died of cancer! No one knew he was sick. The doctors back then thought it was bronchitis, and he was in the hospital has tests ran, 3 weeks later he was back in the hospital and caught phenomia, and died. It took a whole summer, and he was gone. I was always at home watching Dori and Ollies son. 

       These were my moms friends. Sometimes on the weekend we got to go to his parents house and they made awesome jerky! But at night Dori and my mom partied it up! I babysat all the time. I remember everyone going to the funeral and getting ready! Aunt Doei was sooo upset, all the time, she cried all the time, all night! From then on I thought to myself I wouldn’t be sad! I wanted it to be happy when I die! 

         I always questioned if people were going to heaven, then why are they crying, it’s better then here.(even as a child) and I been that way my whole life! Even other funerals I attended I thought maybe they cried because they were afraid they weren’t saved! Because my granny always took me to church so I was thinking about what I learned!

        As I got even older I ultimately came up with, well if heaven is where you are going and people are crying at your funeral because they are going to miss you they are selfish! They should be happy your going to a happier place! They should be happy that your in no more pain! They should be sing grace that you are healed! 

        I feel you should cry because they cry they are hurting. You should cry because there is no cure! But they no longer in pain when they gone! So as I sat here after I heard the news about my Uncle, a big smile come across my face, as his leaf fell, I pray he’s  no more in pain, he is saved, and he is smiling, as I am for him.!

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