Just Simple

Have you ever just sat there and wondered, how life became so complicated? And worrisome? And why you left everything bother you!?

    I finally came to a point in my life where I just want it to be simple, because with simple it leaves out all the chaos! It really does! 

   I imagined growing up that I would be grow old with somone who cared, and have a few children and raise them right and no complications and I thought since I had a rough childhood is know what not to do! But it turned out I didn’t! But I’m ok with that part!

     I’m ok with knowing that I tried, I learned and at some point or another I had to move along! But some things I still haven’t figured out! Which being 32, I know I still have a lot to offer! I know I still have a a lot give! I know I can’t just give upon life because somethings didn’t turn out the way I planned or the way I imagined! 

     I mean the man I thought I’d finally grow old with moved out of state and found a new woman and still tries to tell me it was nothing! And for as much as I’d like to believe! I know that’s just not true! I mean his whole family congratulated him so they knew too! And am to say he loves me is far fetched! He left me! Left me standing still, and with my kids looking at me saying I thought he was different mom.

     I always been a simple kind of girl! Don’t lie and it will work itself out! But that’s something about me I can’t get! I know I’m not perfect and I never understood! I know I have lied in my past and regretting it a whole lot as I’m older now I wonder if that’s karma getting me why things bad still get me! 

      I like to get up go to work come home take care of the kids and do things with my kids! Yea it would be nice to do things like any single non parent would like to do! But seems that life only brings more chaos and complications too! I’ve seen it! And seen others live that life! Seems more hectic than mine at times! I just wonder why can’t other just see it to be simple! It is simple if you want it to be! I make mine pretty simple! I cut out drama and people who make drama! I stay to myself! I mean yea I he a few girlfriends I don’t mind kicking it with once in a while and more here recently only because I haven’t seen them in years! But keeping it simple! Keeps the stress down! My depression has been down, I don’t feel overwhelmed! My brain works faster! It just seems so much more healthy! Wish life could just be all the way around simple again!!!!!!

One thought on “Just Simple

  1. Just read your blogs and it made me want to cry with you. a lot of we adults came into adulthood “damaged goods” for a variety of reasons. There is recovery, there is hope, there is a wonderful future. Keep the faith. In recognizing your own feelings you have taken a tremendous step – build on that. Let it all out; emotions are never wrong. Cry, laugh, say a few cuss words and then go out and treat yourself to an ice cream cone. You become the loving caregiver to yourself Keep in touch!! My earnest prayers are with you.

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