I have went through things in my life and of all things I have realized, is that people come in and out of our life’s, some stay and some leave. There are some people in life you need to disconnect yourself from for one reason or another. 

     One type of people is family! Family are there through thick and thin. And sometimes you need to step away from certain ones for one reason or another. And other times life just gets in the way and you get so caught up in what your doing, you don’t realize you hadn’t talked to them.

    And it’s not like you don’t wanna hear from them or talk to them . But when you work and you got kids it’s hard, to make regular phone calls and emails, and so forth. I feel bad when I’m at work thinking about doing it when I get home but then I get home got to clean, cook, bathe, and that’s just me, I still have to check the kids stuff, and 4 is a lot on your own. 

      Friends, I have lost contact with lots of friends who have been there for me and meant the world to me. Because life gets so busy. As I’ve been older I realized I can’t forget them, I drop a line or two, and try giving a call when I can. And just as me they are usually as busy as me. 

        And here recently I have in the last 10 years meant many people, mostly through my jobs. Some I still keep in contact with occasionally, but since I been older I have wanted to make those relationships better with people that been there for me when I needed them.  The people I choose to have in my life are important to me for one reason or another. And I feel good relationships with people are good and healthy.

         People inspire me in one way or another. And I shouldn’t have to give reason to why and  what about them inspires me. Because usually people don’t understand it. But lately I been building my relations with my family and a select few of my friends. Because it’s a part of me I’ve let go!  I let it go because I thought it made him happy. He had relationships not only with other people but he has many friends.

         I should have friends too. And I realized that something about me I needed to fix was my relations I have let go, because it makes me happy! I love all my family and friends!!!! And I don’t think one person should ever put them off because you will come a time in your life, when you sitting there and  need someone and when you put them off they will put you off….

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