When I was little I have always had big dreams….. Always making comments of  “I wish I could…… I wish I was”…… Still makes me laugh today of some of the silly things I’ve said! Even being older I can dream…

    I say things that are way out of reach…. But I like to think of it as optimistical thinking. Some things are reachable and I know which ones are not! It’s the thought that fulfills me. I Believe this kind of thinking for me helps me not think of all the hecticness in my life.

     There are many places I still wanna go. And I dream about them places. I tell my kids as they been growing never let your mind not believe! Always set goals and dreams. The only person that can not let them happen is yourself. I want their dreams to be very large, very dreamy, and sometimes unrealistic! But remember the their are ones you can accomplish and some you can not.

         A lot of my dreams have been crumbled! Some I have been very let down about. Wishful think does do that sometimes, but I always have a smile. 

          I have let people and situations change my way of thinking at times, but dreams with forever be held in my heart!!!! Even at my saddest days!!!!

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