A Million Ways

I never been a good communicator. I’ve only learned by what I been told to do. I’ve only done by what I was showed to do.

When I was In my wreck I had to learn everything over again. I do remember some of the things I seen as a kid and how my granny was and how she handled things.

I have bad anxiety so I’m a pretty shy person, unless I know you! And I have to be really comfortable to interact with you. As Ive gotten older I have gotten more quiet and less talkative. I tend to stay to my self and my anxiety heightens when people even come around.

I’ve been told to do things a certain way and when done it’s not right, so I never know what’s right and what’s not! I feel a lot of my emptiness now is cause from which way is right! Not knowing which way to turn is the hard part!

Apparently which way I was told to go each way was always the wrong way! I never know what to do! Where do I go from here! I communicated like I was taught, I communicated like I learned.

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