The Clouds Is My Girls Playgroud

On 6/11/13, my sister lost my niece Hailey and on 1/30/16, my youngest sister lost my other niece Brielle. On cloudy days I look up and just smile.

    These two are forever in my heart! My sister both grieve, some days are better than others. Hailey was a stillborn. My sister went in and everything was fine. She went two weeks later to find out her gender and no heartbeat. My sister had give birth to her. This was devastating for her and my family. I have always been by her side! I hate to have seen her go through this! I wish I could of taken the pain from her because I could of dealt with it better than her.  

     My youngest sister lost her baby differently. Her boyfriend beat her up and caused the baby’s heartbeat to drop, she was close to 6 months. She was taken to the hospital and then had a cesarean. Brielle lived 4 days. Her oxygen decreased and she was gone to fly with Hailey.

       I feel she didn’t want to be alone. I try to think positive in bad situations. Even when it’s so sad! I think happy thoughts. I don’t like clear days. I like cloudy ones.

         I think of the clouds as their playground. They get to have their own jump house. I think of the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. Jumping around and playing, laughing, and just having so much fun! 

       They don’t have to hurt, and have worry. They don’t have to think about stress or complications. They don’t have to see their mamas cry. And most of all feel pain. 

       I miss them and yes it would be nice to see how beautiful they would grow to be and how wonderful and brilliant of woman they would be come like the nieces and nephew I have now, but I know I’m  always protected and my angels are by my side. And I know they are in a safe place.

        I miss my nieces and I know their clouds are now their Playgroud!


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