Better Way of Thinking

Sometimes in life you need take time for yourself! You need time for yourself to evaluate yourself. Evaluate what you want, where you wanna go, and what you truly gonna do in life. Things happen so fast and sometimes you just need time. 

      You need time to decide what your next move is gonna be and if that decision is really going to be worth it. People go through so much stuff because they truly have faith in what they believe things will work out. They believe and ha e faith in things and people. Sometimes we put that trust and faith so much into something and it fails time and time again, we feel drained and tired from working so hard at sow thing we get scared that another failure is gonna ruin us. Or just scared of what would happen or could happen next because we think that we been through the worst possible!

      We take chances! We hear to take chances, and sometimes we do. After we take chance after chance, we get scared to take anymore chances because some of us go through so much. Even as a kid we get out through so much and then we get scared to see what chances might give us! But with the benefit of the doubt some found push through and still stand strong and take chances! Those chances then make us stronger! Stronger and fiercer! But we never know unless we take a chance! 

        Power! We all have power! But believing, we have the power is the hardest part! Sometimes we tend to let others direct us! Direct us in to what to believe what we are able to handle and what we can control. We can only control ourself. We can’t control others and we can’t control the outcome. But we can control what we do and what our own outcome is going to be. Not how others perceive it!

       Believe in possibilities! There’s always two outcomes to every situation, either the right or wrong! Yes there are many other outcomes many rights, or many wrongs, and how you manage it is up to you! But believing the best possibility is the better right one! Achieve the highest of the high is always the best ecspecially if it’s the right one, possibility!

          Everybody has a creative mind! Someone always has a dream of becoming something, building something, or becoming something. Using them qualities everyday is what’s creative. Doing something new daily is creative. Finding a new way of doing something you like to do is also creative! But doing it everyday opens your mind up! Not only to new things but new ideas. It exceed idea your mind and helps keep you positive!

         What makes your heart sing! Listening to music? Sewing? Exercising? Writing? Playing a game? Reading? Fishing? Or just riding around, whatever it is, you should take time out and do it! If it’s positive and doesn’t do bodily harm! It gets your mind thinking in a positive manner, helps you think clearly! Keeps your mind of bad things! The more you do this, the more your letting your body know you love yourself and you haven’t forgot about yourself! When yourself feels like you forgotten about it, you lose yourself, and when you loose yourself, you pick up bad habits and your start to forget who you truly are! 

      Inspire others is important! When you help others you tend to realize the things you help others on, is normally things you need to work on yourself about too! Maybe not that certain aspect but to a certain point! And that is important because you start to realize that you forgotten about yourself! When you lift others up, you realize their smiling and happy and they support you too! You make friends and friends are important! 

         Most of all inspire yourself! Don’t forget to tell yourself your important! A lot of people are so busy helping others they tend to forget about themselves! They forget they have feelings and put themselves on the back burner and forget they need uplifting too. And what better person to uplift their own spirits but their self! Tell yourself your beautiful and great! Because you truly are!

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