So today is one of my favorite days!!! Not only because of the Independence of America! But because it’s like a pre celebration for my birthday!

   The fireworks are my favorite. I love the colors, the noise, the various differences in them. I could watch them from sundown to sunrise. It’s just amazing to me! Im a very curious person and I like to find out how things work but fireworks! I never would because it would ruin my celebration! 

     I like to go to as many shows as I can! See as many fireworks as I can! Some shows a so worth going to and some well let’s just say are a joke! My uncle like to buy some to. And he’s a favorite show because he gets really big ones, and it’s like a pre birthday party for me! And I love that!!! 

      This year is a little different because your not here! My heart is sad, and my eyes haven’t been dry. Last night I cried when I went to bed because he couldn’t watch my celebration with me. And I know he’s with someone else. And that kills me! And today is gonna be hard too, really hard! I know it takes time, but time is slow! And my birthday is coming and I am almost hyped but sad too! 

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