Rainy Days

So we had many rainy days!!! I love rainy days! I never understood why! Still don’t! But I feel so happy! 

    When I was younger I loved playing in the rain. In the mud puddles, I would get so dirty! Lol!!!! I loved it! I ran around barefoot, playing, laughing, it was soo fun!

     Maybe that’s why! I cry sometimes in the rain, people don’t realize that either! And I like that about rain too! But for some reason it just makes me feel free!

     I am sad about the flooding and people that may loose their houses, their belongings, and most of all the natural destruction of what the rain and storms may cause. But I do love rain!!

     We have rain all weekend! My birthday not only is tomorrow! I had the best Fourth of July, only because I got to see the best firework show ever in my life and probably won’t ever see again, a show like I did!!!! And it’s going to rain!!!! This is my year!!! I just know it!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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