Life is Full of Beauty

When your look out your window, do you notice the spot in the grass that seems to be greener than the rest? Did you notice that huge flower off that tree you drive by yesterday?

    Everyday, I seem to notice small things just like that. I like to think it’s a reminder of how beautiful today is. Even the clouds in the sky, that start that stuck out like a light bulb or even the way the moon looked last night. (The moon is always my favorite!)

      I don’t usually look at the big changes its always the small ones that catch my eye. And the fact that life has so many beautiful pleasures. People have a tendency to be on the go so fast that they miss life’s little pleasures.

      It amazes me to see and hear how you can travel down the same road everyday back and forth and a month later actually realize a new house, or a new tree planted, or as little as a change. We go so fast to keep up with everything around us that we miss the small things that matter.

        I just love life’s simple beauty and little pleasures everyday!

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