Why Today!

Today is my moms birthday! πŸ°πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ How can you turn the one day of the year that’s hers better, happy, serene, painfree, stress free, and tear free. JUST ONE DAY!!!!

She met me for lunch, which was great! She was coming back from an appointment at my lunch time and came and saw me. I got off work early so came to her house. While we sit here she’s calling doctors.

So I overheard all of it so far. And it just tears me to pieces. Her whole body has infections and no antibiotics is working and they (doctors) don’t know why. So she’s freaking out getting appointments. And can’t keep food down. It’s just so upsetting. Upsetting she has to wait a week for appointment. A week and few days for another test. And wait for nurses to call back.

My heart breaks for all families that has went through this. And are going through this now. It’s just sad. Sad for those doctors who has to give the news to families, and can’t sleep. My heart has never weighed so heavy………. And brokenπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

3 thoughts on “Why Today!

  1. ANM7

    Sometimes all that is left for us is to remain by the side of such a one. Belie the pain, impart to her some cheer, as is within you possible. Hang in there for her sake. Don’t blame God, but instead get her to talk about the kids, bros and sisters, family cheerful things. For her sake hand in there, no desperation, but yes, you are allowed to plead with God, but be the silent giver, the one who’s sacrifices are not out in the open. Show God one face, but not anger, or blame and show her another face of Faith, of trust in God. You don’t have to promise her things outside of your control, but show her what God is doing for you, strength, steadfastness, etc…
    I promise to submit my prayers on hers and your behalf. Sincerely:MAO

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