My Mind

When we get older, we get told we become wiser! Lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ I believe this fully. My mouth has become quieter, my eyes have become wider(hypothetically), and my ears have become more sensitive.

I am a quiet person, unless I am a close friend with you, then I probably tell you WAY more than I should at times. And since I started my new job I have learned and meant so many people. Different backgrounds, different stories, different situations, and just different.

Just over the last almost year, my mind has gotten just wiser, I feel. I feel it could have been because of the brokenness ive had to endure and to pick the pieces up that have been shattered a time or two and hearing people stories about their break ups. It could be because the stuff going on with my mother, and realizing life is so short.

But I look at life completely different than I did a year ago. I look back now and I couldn’t believe how naΓ―ve, inconsiderate, and just not together my mind was. I’m not saying that I have it figured out. And happy go lucky! But I feel more confident about me!

I remember how down I was. I remember how sad. Don’t get me wrong like I get down and sad still, but it passes. It’s normal, it’s the sulking and thinking the world against me. I know I was broken. And I know there are going to be blogs were it’s gonna sound like I’m a hot mess! Yes! Some days I do! But I know it’s normal!

I have more of a positive mind again! I just feel. I understand things better. I feel expanding my mind beyond what I have, to hear people and about them, I feel better.

My job has people from all over the world, and they are amazing! People came for just the season! And they were amazing! I mean we had some that complained everyday, but I gave them positiveness and they laughed and I felt good, I helped them think differently.

I just feel the wise take getting older you get wise is conoletly true! ONLY if you wanna get wiser! πŸ˜œπŸ’‹β€Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!!

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