The Knock Of Opportunity

Previously I had mentioned a friend who said “opportunities knock once, you either take or don’t.”

I had an opportunity, and couldn’t me more grateful that I took it. Nobody has ever really gotten close to me. Yes, I have told past events, things I liked but not deep stuff.

He spent time with me, to learn me, teach me, not only about myself but if many other valuable things, in life and people. I couldn’t be more blessed to call this man my best friend. Yes I have besties, but my intimate best friend.

Over the last couple years he taught me patience, tenderness, and most of how to love myself. In my worst days he was there. In his worse, which haven’t ended, I am still there. Many times you impatientness has wanted me to quit can run.

The feelings we have, has scared the living shit out of me and then I wanted to run. But something has always kept me there.

I read many article even if they are relatively the same, and we love people for all different ways. I break up I had several years ago I took hard because of all the effort and commitment I put in it. Today, I wouldn’t hardly say I was completely committed. I think I wanted to be but intuition felt differently.

When I meant him, I was coming out of a abusive relationship. And he showed me how to be free. He showed me how to live not being scared. How to stand up for myself, and we had fun. The future with him if I stayed would of ended anyways. He was good with my kids but not great!

The abusive relationship before that was not good. At first yes, he showed me what kind of life work pulls off. I learned true understanding of what I didn’t want in my life and did. Never truley loved him.

There was another gentleman I would say I thought I loved, as well. He taught me how to work, have fun, and what a family guy was like. He just didn’t like kids, that much i believe. I’d say that was lust!

But this man now has showed me and given me a picture of exactly what I want. He’s smart, he works, he’s sweet, he likes my kids and having them around, his outlook on life is what I’ve longed for. And he’s sooo sexy. Everything he does is as close to perfection as you can get.

Yes he has downs but not unbearable, I find them cute, and funny. I adore everything he puts his heart into because it’s 100. And when I do something incorrectly he explains to me how to fix it, and shows me when he can. I love this man with everything I got. For every reason I can tell you. He’s my happy ending❤️

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