Guessing Game Becomes a Habit

Through out life always wondering and waiting become a habit. I remember growing up. Waiting on my mom, back then we didn’t have cell phones to call and see where each other were and what time we would be home. So knowing the time she would be rolling in was a guessing game.

🤔wondering if she’s coming home tonight, some nights she never showed up. Some nights she shows up but long enough to grab clothes and out again she would be. As I grew older I never really depended on what people said. I always guessed, and wondered. Always hated asking because hearing what they had to say either let me down when they didn’t come through. Or disappointed by what they had to say.

My dad was the same way. Never had time to see us. When it was his weekend like I said before I spent time with my granny instead of him. And when he had to pick us up it ended up being granny. Which didn’t bother me, it was that little time with him that mattered.

As I have grown older I have realized how my relationships have been greatly effected by not asking questions I should have with the worry I may be disappointed because all the disappointment I’ve had growing up. I don’t ask questions. Which leaves guessing and wondering at hand.

Guessing and wondering has become a great problem as I have realized. It’s not just me I see this though. I see it in many relationships. We sit and wonder if this happens instead of being straightforward and asking, which in turn leads to disappointment and hurt. If we didn’t set our heart out to what we thought was the better instead of outright asking we wouldn’t be caught up in the guessing game.

Like where we stand, how do you see this playing out? Some of us just live with what we could have would have should have aspect. Instead of changing it the next time. Because we have grown soo use to it and not realizing its a behavior we grown into. I think we would have less heartache if we ask more questions instead continue with the guessing game…..❤️

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