The one thing I have always stood by in my life and believe is if your not happy, make yourself happy! Find out what that is and so it! If it’s having multiplied relationships be honest about that to each partner!

Infidelity is by far the most sacred thing a person can do to another! Because the effect it takes on the other person, the insecurities the other person has to carry around with them for the rest of their life because of the unfaithfulness that one has done to them is a huge thing! And for some it gets carried with them through relationship through relationship.

I have been cheated on in almost every relationship! I have tried working on it with the other person but the trust was never rebuilt! Due to the fact the the lies never stopped after that! I myself never cheated on anyone in my entire life! Like before mention it is against everything I stand for!

I don’t understand the thrill or the reason behind it! If you want some someone else then why be with the person your with now?! If you are married why continue to be decietful? Why damage something or someone? You can easy just leave! It’s that simple! Is is revenge? Is it because you don’t want to hurt them? Because in the end it inevitable they will be hurt, hurt you left or damaged because of your infidelities!

I know plenty of people who have snuck around and or are! I never and still don’t get the stress, they put their self under! I know this woman! She is married! Now her husband has cheated before and now has a child from his infidelity. She has been tore up since.  Which I understand why! But being the good person she is she doesn’t want to give up on her marriage either. She claims she married him and not divorcing!

Now she and her husband now been having this hobby that also include his “friend”. They both are involved in. But she now spends more time with his friend. Her husband does know. And is completely fine about that! Now this is the tricky part!

She also has told me about a friend of her that has like her “friend” for awhile. Not anything serious because she has been in an on and off relationship, and the timing hasn’t ever been good. But when she moved to town apparently she saw him and liked him then and just always have. But she really got to know him in the last few years.

So the woman hangs out with her friend but continues to joke around about how she isn’t good enough for her friend and, she isn’t his type, and how she better get in line. She is telling me this! Now she for one is suppose to be this girls friend! And secondly she is married! How am I suppose to react! Am I suppose to just flat out say why would you do that? You are her friend? You should encourage her!  Should I stop her and say why are you saying those things to your friend you are married?!

On top of that she now finds out she is pregnant! And this “friend” sounds like a very caring guy! Wants to look out for people, always thinking kindly, because he’s telling her what to and not to do already! But she then tells me how she tells her girlfriend about that conversation! And actually is laughing! “I don’t know if it’s his baby or his baby” I just wanted to slap her like, why would you say that to your friend! She was trying to be there for you and it sounded like to me your rubbing everything in her face about your “friend”, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, to say your a good friend!

Infidelities  not only on your husband but it sounds like as a person,as a friend! Sounds like to me she shares things with you to be friends and now you used those to your advantage because your hurt!!!! And then you rub it in her face! You are married!!!! Whether you have honestly had sex with him or not! You have cheated in your mind, in your heart! It’s in EMOTIONAL AFFAIR!!!!!!! Infedelities!!!!!

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