You Make Me Safe

When we started hanging around together, I had feelings I could distinguish. Confused on what I felt. Things I couldn’t put into words. Still today I can’t.

When I’m with you I feel safe. The nights I spend with you I don’t have the urge to keep a light on. The noise that make my anxiety and heart beat faster doesn’t seem to exist. I have a sense calmness when your around.

You have no idea and my words can’t explain how you make me feel. In a way I never have before. Sometimes you have asked questions and when it seemed I didn’t have an answer, it’s I couldn’t put it into words.

The time we spend together I never want to end. The conversations I never want to die. The laughs I never want to stop. I have never opened up and put my whole self into anyone and I am now. The difference it has been!

You help me see things I never saw coming, or possible. You have also have helped me in ways about my self nobody has taken the time to do and for that I am forever grateful! I love you soo much and that will never end❤️ Thank you for make me safe again and letting me feel what that is💋❤️

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