In every situation in life we like we get comfortable in and hope things don’t change. At some point something always changes.

Whether it’s how we shop, cook, clean, or the way we live, we hope some things don’t change. And when some thing does change it seems our world comes crashing down. Or puts us in a spot of what happened, how can I get that feeling again, and brings a lot of questions.

I know when my dishes aren’t clean, it makes me feel uncomfortable, like who didn’t do chores, what day is it, and fix it. When it comes relationships, friends or more, and something makes us feel uncomfortable we tend to lean towards the bad,negative, and all the this and that’s there is.

I my self have come to a point in my life where when anything changes Unless I have changed my self, realized things change. Everything is always changing. So I never stay too comfortable. Bc I like the comfortable feeling more than the uncomfortable feeling. Even when it hurts I turn it into happy. It’s taken a lot of changing myself and getting over bumps on my road to get this way. But keeping my life simple and happy is my choice and that’s my comfortable😘

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