“My” Place

So I was talking with a friend who been dating this guy for quite sometime. And she was explains some situations with me about certain things. Most friends do. Which I love bc listening is what I do best😁

So she’s telling about these things, like he had a passing of his mom recently and she knew people would come out and be by his side. Before I go further let me explain, this woman isn’t a jealous type, or needy, or clingy even. Her thinking is sort of like mine, prolly why she and I are good friends and similarities.

He has friends of opposite sex, which she’s ok with to. But her problem is, not just with this situation it is in many. The clarity of their relationship is known to some people, but not everyone. So she feels that sometimes her place being known isn’t.

Through all this and what she has been by his side, she wonders if her place is next to him. She’s told me about times he’s mentioned it is, but actions hasn’t really showed that. Her man is a very busy guy, with a wide circle of friends and family.

My take of what I told her was if your place is his side, and he isn’t showing that or you don’t feel it, maybe it isn’t. Yes you helped him with his mom, and his self, and whatever the case maybe. But if he rather have someone else than call/text or pick you up to be there. His side isn’t your place.

Sometimes we get so caught up with how we feel we forget that we are important too, and what we really want and love feeling with people ends up being temporary. It’s like we get a dose of what we need but not from that person.

Life is a lesson, lesson on why we want, don’t want, what we tolerate and what we definitely won’t do again. So it’s matter of figuring it out. Not making it a guessing game again. I told her it’s really what she feels she needs to do.

Make it apparent how she feels, and ask. The only way she will know. If he can’t handle being he will have to because you being sad not knowing where your place is, will destroy-what you have over came already. Don’t settle for what you don’t deserve! Know your place😁

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