No Label🙃

Very popular these days, having a non label relationship….Now a “no label” relationship is defiantly very vague. But that couldn’t be because of the relationship.

So I see myself how some people would have a problem with having a non labeled relationship, but I can also see why. This goes for men and woman both. I would say I have been in one for quite some time. I myself am very confident and happy.

I do get questioned about my relationship and my happiness, because others don’t understand some parts of it. But I also see why.

People hear “no label” and automatically feel there something wrong with either the man or woman. Or assume that one has a hard time committing. Or either isn’t ready.

And none of that has to do with it. Not just in my relationship but others that have chosen a non labeled relationship, for other reasons. I believe it’s really a maturity thing. Being over 30 saying this is my boyfriend, to me feels kind of like I only known him few nights. And out of respect for me and him for sure I know him better than a few nights. Not only by time but intimately as well.

I believe you get to an age where saying boyfriend/girlfriend just sounds not enough. And fiancé is too much… Nowadays this is not uncommon either. And don’t be mislead some do you use the “no label” relationship status for a wider playing field.

Let me make sure everyone knows and understands, not all non labeled relationship is all the same, bc not all relationships are the same. They have similarities but not the same. I don’t need a label to believe he won’t cheat on me, I believe, I have faith, loyalty, and love that he wouldn’t. I believe his faith and love for me is the same, at least it better be… lol!

I don’t need a label on us because i know what we are, he knows what we are and we know what we are. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s him and it’s all the time us!!!! Art he beginning, yes I worried I wasn’t enough, people said if he doesn’t claim you he will cheat! And to this day I never believed that. And realized it doesn’t take a label to cheat or not!

If a man/woman is truly into you finding interest in someone else is the last thing on their mind. Bc they wouldn’t wanna loose what they have in front of them. And having a no label relationship and putting up boundaries just shows what stage your truly at in your life. You don’t need boundaries for something you truly want😘

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