We Never Knew

So by now everyone knows I love music! I don’t watch tv couldn’t tell you what’s hot, what everyone’s favorite shows are, nothing. But I can talk all day about music.

I like pretty much all genres. I do love country. I do have lots of favorites, for one reason or another. I don’t hear lyrics, its melodies, and the the beats and the feeling I get off the music I hear.

When we are younger we hear songs and say they remind us of people, dedicate them to our recent girlfriend/boyfriend, songs even remind us of periods of times of our lives.

I heard a song I have heard time and time again, Savage Garden, Truly Madly Deeply. And all I could do was laugh. I laughed because when I first heard this song I really thought I understood it. But when I heard it the other day I fully believe I know exactly what it meant. I literally feel it.

I know and understand that feeling of the words being sung. All I could do was laugh, because that man next to me was exactly who I’d spend everyday with. And it’s funny how when I was 13 I really thought I’d find someone I would feel as much as I do about him. There is no way!❤️😘

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