You Asked When I Knew

I keep playing in my head all the times we spent together. And ever since I can remember I just knew I loved you. I could feel in my veins there was something about you. And boy have I been right, it’s not just something it’s everything.

You came to me and asked one day when I knew I loved you. Yes I was already saying I love you, because it flew out of my mouth before I could even give it a second thought, and really think if what I was feeling was real. But I love all my friends. And that was exactly what we were. What we are! You are my best friend! My lover! My Guy!😘

I kept playing when I knew. Even when I already knew but it that moment it was our road trip to get the trailer. At the truck stop. Defiantly then I knew without a doubt I was in love with you! You were trying in hats and acting your silly self. And at that moment I knew I couldn’t live without you!

I knew because I wouldn’t want to ever share or be silly in a store or laugh with anyone else but you. Driving in those horrible storms all way back home wasn’t even scary. Most people would have been terrified. I knew and felt in my heart you would keep me safe. I didn’t think twice you didn’t know what you were doing and had full trust in you. And I can honestly say I have never trusted anyone that much.

Unto this day I can’t tell you a time you had me scared for your safety or mine. And I say that out of realm. And you know as much as I do, you can be dangerous sometimes. I trust myself with you, along with everything I have within me I trust with you! I love you😘

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