Follow Through

“The one thing I would change about you if I could, is follow through when you say your gonna do something.”😊

I like criticism, I like being told what I could change to better me. I also like being asked why I do what I at times. Which probably gives people better understanding of each other. I’m a curious person, I am usually asking why.

I do say I’m doing things or going to do things, and something gets in the way or certain things has effected my decisions, so I put it off. Some say it’s procrastination, I say being wiser about my actions.

I have made a lot of impulsive decisions to help better others, and not so much myself. I’ve defiantly been working on myself, so mostly trying to put me before big decisions. Which has been good and bad. But I’m happy. Others do get a slight salty because I didn’t do what I say I possible could. But that’s not defiant, “I Will”

I probably should follow through more with some things, but I also feel that time is of the essence, it all falls in place when the time is right. So I don’t rush anything. While others are rushing, I’m watching, I’m listening, and I see! I help many but many don’t see they can easily do it theirselves!

I never tell people I can do something and Don’t, it’s just maybe not on their timeline as mine. Sorry not sorry😘

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