Didn’t Realize

Today I thought if a conversation we had. And I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks in amazement because like always you were soo right! The sentence was: ” im not ready because I’m working on my self and your not ready because your working on yourself.”

As I stood there today, back then you were soo right!🙌🏽 At the time it had already been a year or so, and we were just good friends. And yes I had worked on all kinds of things on my self by that point. But what I was amazed by, I didn’t realize I was in so many broken pieces.!

And so I thought if all I had worked on up into this point. And it wasn’t just me, I did the work but you helped me too. Thank you!

Thank you for stitching my pieces back together again and make me feel whole again. I can stand alone and still be whole now, but I’d rather stand with you! Your guidance, and advice, and most of the ways you have taught me were things people never took time to teach me.

I admire that soo much about you. You care enough about me, you guide to help. Not change me to help me. And I’m blessed for that in a million more ways than one! I love you❤️💋💯🙌🏽

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