Don’t Know How

Never knew how to express myself. I’ve tried, and when I did, I was criticized of how I did it. It never made sense. Or I was the crazy one. Or what I said didn’t make sense.

The times I tried to explain myself I was made out to seem uneducated and unrealistic. And in the end later found it was by people and their wrong doings. Of course they didn’t understand because they were wrapped up in their wrong doings that how I was feeling and mine didn’t matter.

Now that I’m older I don’t know how to express how I feel, or what to express because so worried of not being understood, or making sense. And when it does come out it comes out all wrong. So I stay quiet. Quiet when I should say something.

I have so much to say and don’t know how. I’m being told I’m jealous is huge because I am by far not! I am good the best person a person could ever have. It’s I being put aside for other people is what’s not ok. Yes at time is fine because situations at hand and circumstances that’s how it has to be but all the time no! If I matter treat me like I do.

Not just when it is intimate! Not when ur lonely! But all those other times too. When I’m having a bad day! When I need help fixing something, figuring something out! You have locks, I do too! I helped fix you at times. I might too! 💋❤️💯

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