I Tried

So many times I tried to leave. I didn’t call because I tried to disconnect myself from you. I didn’t wanna live you. I didn’t wanna have these feelings for you. Because I knew you were gonna hurt me too.

I knew you were no different from everyone else. Yes I got distant. I told you why. You said I was an upgrade from everyone else. How did you really feel. Scared I think! I think you are scared! Just like me!

Always trying to find fault in me! When I never could find faults in you! I’ve never been so upfront and honest or open as I have with you. Hard yes very hard, for me! But I have been trying. I only know how to write! Im sorry you can only find fault in me for your faults but I still love you regardless, you are amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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