If it’s truly what you want you make it work. Not when it’s better timing. There’s never better timing than now! If it suppose to work it will. You make it work.

When you happiest moments are there who do you wanna share that with?

When there’s hurdles in life you need to jump, who do you wanna jump then with?

When you down and at your weakest who do you want to pick you up?

When you wanna rant about your day who do you wanna listen?

When you just wanna laugh or cry who do you wanna laugh your hardest with over the craziest funniest things?

It’s those moments that mean the most, even when your angry, and say things you don’t mean, I still choose you! But that’s me!

It’s who we choose in life that counts, not who others chose, because when they are moved on and gone, it’s our own happiness whether they understand or not. Through the laughs, the tears, good times and tribulations, and still choose each other, that is LOVE!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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