I Don’t Worry About You

I was driving today and I remember you saying this to me before. And I started asking myself, could that told me what I didn’t want to accept, or was it something you didn’t?

“I don’t worry about you.” That statement can go many ways. My immediate thought was you knew I could take care of myself and if something was wrong I’d tell you. Or if you could assist me I’d let you know. Only because you know I’m that open with you. Always have been and I always will be.

Today I wondered couple things. You could of said that statement meaning a couple other things. I started to wonder. I started to wonder if you said that because you didn’t wanna worry about. Like a hiding your feelings kind of way. But actually did worry. And if that was the case why couldn’t you have talked to me more about that?

And then I lastly thought maybe you just really didn’t worry about me. Because you didn’t care to. So I wondered why tell me all these things and tell me that you cared and love me if you didn’t? Why? Because I came to you at every call? Because I picked up what pieces you lacked?

Believe me, words are starting to make sense now. And you wondered why I now after 3 years just now started to open up? And a hard time expressing myself. I know that I never lied about how I felt or feel! I love you and continue too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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