Different From The Rest

I’m sooo glad that from all the rest of many ladies today, that I was taught with respect and manners, and how to treat people and relationships. I’m glad to say I AM DIFFERENT FROM THE REST!

Now I am not going to lie, I have been lied to and yes it has taught me a lesson twice in my life. When I was younger I was involved with someone who was involved with someone else. So boundaries were crossed and that taught me some things. I was a teenager, so I thought it taught me enough. As I got older I thought I knew what to look for.

When I got older( in my 20’s) I also had another relation that involved a man that said he was separated from his wife, which turned out in the end, to be a lie. I feel so bad about that. I heard some things but with the heart I have believed him instead. I did cut it off for months but went back when he said it was over and turned out it was another lie.

My father was a cheater and that was what tore my parents apart. So my life always stood my boundaries not to mess with people in relationships. And have always stood by those morals. I believe when two people are together it’s up to them to work it out and figure things out, happy or not. Another guideline I sent forth was they had to be separated for sometime to get in involved because 9 times out of 10 they tend to work it out at some point.

I believe they were brought together for a reason and it was up to them to figure it out. Settle their differences and at least try to work it out. I never wanted to be a reason two people should be apart.

This being said. Then generation we live in today is completely tarnished. Woman go after and men for that matter what is not theirs. Yes people fight and have differences but if they are happy or whatever not giving it a chance only leaves people unhappy and miserable. Wishing and wondering, the what if’s and could of’s haunt us in the future. I also believe we know when we know.

Yes we were younger and we thought we knew but did we really. It’s the young ages we thought we knew but did we really. No they were the experiences that made us set the grounds we set forth to us for our future. If we relive our pasts we never live our future and become who we were suppose to be. Our pasts were there for a reason, and didn’t work out for us so we could be our strong future and build us for our future self.

That’s how we stand for our grounds and morals we set forth for our future. I could go back to any of my past, because it’s what built me for my future. Live for tomorrow not for yesterday💋❤️💋❤️

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