An Upgrade

So I was laying here trying to go to sleep and I was repeating on the last conversation we had. I remember you saying I was an upgrade from your first love. But my question is if I was such an upgrade how was it so easy for you to say goodbye in a day so easily? I think you were trying to make yourself believe I was an upgrade when I really was just a place holder.

I never found it odd you talking about her or a few of the others from your past. Yes you talked about her often but no more or less than the others. So I didn’t find odd. Hearing your past never bothered me. I thought I was learning about you.

Most woman would be jealous, and don’t like hearing about other woman and and their mans past. But I found it interesting. I found a lot about you. I learned why you had a hard time opening up. I learned why it was hard to get close to you at first. I learned why it seemed you didn’t care but you really did ( so I thought).

To me if I didn’t know your past and how you became you how could I enjoy every bit of you, and how you became you. How did I know what buttons not to push and what ones I could. My thing was I wanted to know everything about you good, bad, it didn’t matter to me, because it didn’t change how I felt about you. None of it. It never once changed what I felt about you. I already knew!

It’s too bad you don’t! Because if I was seriously an upgrade! This isn’t what it is!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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