The Lonely Call

I’d joke around saying I was the after hour girl or the lonely call. The look on your face was surprised that I would say that. But it feels it’s that’s exactly what I was.

You had a tough day and needed to vent you called me and I’d come. I’d listen to everything you had to say, for hours. There were days I couldn’t wait to hear what you did or what happened. I would wait patiently to hear you ask about my day.

Sometimes it would be days or even weeks I didn’t hear from you, because I knew how busy you could get, with your car, work and even when your mom was sick. Still couldn’t wait to see that smile you had on your face. Those were times I couldn’t wait to tell you how I was feeling or what I was going through too. But it never came.

I’d hear you talk about people and what they needed from you or asked you to do for them and you just needed time for yourself. So I gave you space. Because I knew sometimes people needed their own space I wanted toy to know you could have that from me.

Then your call or text would come asking where I’d been or what I been doing? And as much as I wanted to tell you nothing waiting on you, I didn’t want to seem needy, because I am far from that. I just liked being around you. It’s not like my world stopped when you weren’t around, it just was more enjoyable when you were.

We never did things in the day time it was always at night, it seemed after the chaos had settled from the day, tours and mine. We hardly did anything together but I figured it was because we were both soo busy. How stupid do I feel now? Naïve really!

So many times I wanted to just not answer or not respond back because I started to feel like the lonely call. Then the calls and messages came more frequently as began to believe what you told me, even though the actions never were to par.

I trusted you like I thought you did me. I didn’t hear from you I didn’t worry, not one once if my body or soul gave it a second thought even when I was put aside for other people. My heart told me it was they needed you at their time of need at that point. Mine could wait.

I’m sorry I had to speak up from being set aside. I needed you and you weren’t there. The one time I truly needed you you weren’t! Where’s my lonely call now❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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