Or An Excuse?

My thing is yes sometimes I’m emotional and I don’t let things get to me. But it did hurt my feelings that day you kept saying I had a second boyfriend. Like at the moment. Like by the end yea it was over a meme. But I’m thinking about it and I almost started crying at the moment you said that.

In the abusive relationship I had, I use to get my ass beat over stuff like that. And no, I hadn’t cheated before. It’s not me! My philosophy is, your not happy leave! So yes at the time you were saying that I felt offended, I just wanted to cry. But you were being a smartass. Joking around! I get it. Left it alone. Didn’t take it serious!

So I The next day was hot, irritated, tired, had a long day at work, was being a smartass, joking and you took what I said and took it literal! How is that any different? Or was that just an excuse for something completely different?🤔🤔🤔

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