I Thought

I feel soo foolish…. I thought I was I was your good morning. Now I’m falling apart just wishing you were holding me telling me I will be ok. I know your holding someone else, telling them their ok, maybe not for the same reason you would of held me. Or the same love.

But I held you when you were falling apart telling you all the things would be ok. And now my world feels all alone once again. And the person I thought I found that made everything that went wrong my whole life made it all make sense, because of you. It went wrong because you made it all right.

I know I’ll be ok, I’m glad I had the chance to know what it feels like, to know what it felt like, I’m glad I took that chance. Don’t get me wrong, just wish it lasted a lifetime. I guess that sounds selfish.

It’s just, I thought I had that good morning good morning sunshine, I had a great night. Because I seen it in your eyes all the love, thought we wouldn’t of drifted apart. But I guess it happens, at least I didn’t….❤️❤️❤️❤️

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