Missing Me Yet?

For the last three years we’ve been around each other so it became a habit it makes me wonder if you miss me yet? Makes me wonder if he miss smelling my hair. Makes me wonder if you miss my laugh. Makes me wonder if you miss smile. Makes me wonder if you wonder what I’m doing.

When two people in a relationship it’s normal when they argue, to say things and say they break up, and after two days they are speaking again. It usually takes two or three to cool down. And then apologize, and explain theirselves. But almost two weeks it’s a clue that ones feels isn’t really there and that their mind is definitely made up.

Love is a commitment, and takes a lot of work. I’m a traditional love bird. I believe when you find the one. My granny said you would know. I also go to the movie, “The Notebook”, an all time favorite!😝 You fight, you love, and with him I’d do all that but I’d never give up. He did!

It took everything I had to tell him how I felt. And how my love for him scared me. Never been soo terrified in my life, that’s how I knew it was more real, than real. What I feel for him could never touch what I thought I felt for others. And that why I let my walk down I’ve never done for anyone. I don’t regret a bit of it. It’s the best feeling in the world. I just wish he could feel what I felt. And understand how much courage that in itself took to tell, and show him.

It almost was like standing naked in front of the world. And that he knows I couldn’t hardly do in front him. Lol. (Past insecurities I’m still getting over, but I have over cane many, thanks to him.)

In this time apart I also think maybe I am not his “one” in this lifetime. Maybe he wants me to be but maybe I am not. Only because if I were he wouldn’t be so unsure of me. He wouldn’t be so cautious of me, regardless of his hurt prior because I haven’t been, I know he is different. So I treat him different and treats me the same. I guess we won’t know.

Always my love, my heart…. you❤️❤️❤️❤️

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