Life Is Hectic, But Only Sometimes!

As adults there are busy times, slow times, times we just don’t know which way to turn. We always tell our self and more times than not here recently I hear people say “when things calm down, I will…….”, but when is that really?

If we wait, that time never is going to happen. I’ve learned, in my 30+ years to just go with it, yes at times it’s way more hectic than others and I have to figure it out, and I usually do. And at times it’s usually stressful. And I found out as myself I tend to work better under pressure than when I am not. Others not so much.

Sometimes we do need to handle things one thing at a time but life isn’t about only handling things one at time all the time. We have kids, jobs and relationships, that being family friends, spouses or even S/O , and we have to balance all these at once, and sometimes more times than not more than we like we can get hit with situations where they are all are hitting us like a bombshell. Making us feel overwhelmed. And we just hide.

But hiding doesn’t make them go away. It creates bigger problems. This is where prioritizing is these issues is very important. Overcoming these obstacles is very hard for some but very rewarding as well.

First make a list of either what’s more important or who and go from there. And soon than becomes a routine. And things become soo much more easier. Life is going to be hectic sometimes, it’s suppose to be. Life doesn’t have to be hectic all the time it’s how you handle it, and is the rewarding part!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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