When It Doesn’t Make Sense

When it seems I don’t make sense, it’s because I have a lot more to say. It most cases it either because I don’t know how about say it or I just can’t.

Last night I was asked what’s on my mind, and instead of flat out saying what I needed to say, like hurry up and get me home, because I didn’t wanna fall apart and just start balling my eyes out, and just why I wanted to. I said a million short different things, which were to also on my mind.

My conversation was about happiness and all u wanna do is see people happy. The less stress they are the happy people are. At this point, the situation at hand. Me stepping away that is the best. I gave a choice. But I been thinking and I think it’s just best to step away. The granny don’t like me because of a choice he made. I said no he imposed. I said it was disrespectful and didn’t want to go over to her house and the time amid night it was and he said too bad, and now she don’t like me because of that. Of course it wasn’t him, it was me. It’s whatever.

I love his granny regardless of the judgmental things I myself heard her say about me. I think she is a good person. People are who they are. You can’t change their minds. His mother told me she is jus that way anyway. She loved her too. Lol.

It hurts that if his heart is truly with mine he can’t be happy because he is choosing his fate because if someone else’s choice, but that’s his doing, not mine. And because I am not selfish and temperamental, I am not going to beg someone to be with me. I want them happy. I know my worth, I know i am a great person and I deserve that. I treat myself just that great!! I would rather be alone! If my happiness is without my love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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