A Mess But Soo Perfect

Have you ever sat and wondered how everything can be soo messy but when it smoothers out its so perfect. Life works like every time. I’ve learned not to question so much.

The whys, and the how’s sometimes can’t be answered. Yes I turn to god and I pray and my answers are always in front of my face. Maybe not at that moment, but when I look hard enough, they are always right there.

It’s usually a conquest to push me harder because I’m not pushing hard enough, or in the right direction. We get so use to routine, and need to change up. And the expect the same results. And in the end, I end more content than expected than I would have been, or could have been.

We always have choices in life. Neither is right or wrong, it’s about what is best. Which choice are you going to choose today.? The good choice or best choice. The messy choice or the messy choice that makes it perfect?❤️❤️❤️❤️

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