Dear Sweet Lady,

Dear Sweat Lady,

I understand why you may not like me. I usually don’t come across many people who don’t. I love you anyways. I wish we knew each other better. And most of all I wish you wouldn’t judge me.

Yes my feelings are hurt. It did put a little damper on my heart because I think you are a wonderful person. I realize and understand to a degree your point of view. Only because of what I been told. I just love meeting people and hearing their stories. And I wish I could hear yours.

The little time I spent with you before you decided not to like me because if disrespectful move, I was against. I realized you are a very intelligent woman. Yes you are an elderly woman, so you have been through incredible things. It saddens me that I couldn’t learn more from you other than what you have taught me already. Which make note has helped me. *Looking over my receipts😉.

I also wanted you to know I didn’t choose the life I ended up. Yes I made choices to be where I am. Which has made it completely worth it. Or I wouldn’t be the happiest woman alive(catch that part up in another blog😉), with the best man in the world, that you remarkably help raise! So I thank you for that as well.

A few facts though. I understand your place in life which I’m blessed for you. I just wish you didn’t judge so quickly. Yes I have tattoos, I choose them because of art. I was raised around them and at the time I thought that’s what we did.

Yes I have kids, they are not baggage. And yes I was married, and now divorced. It took years to leave him because I tried to make that work. But raising kids and a man with addictions and not working can’t make a family work, especially when he wouldn’t let his wife work. So I did what was best for me and my kids, left so I could take care of them like they needed to be taken care of properly.

Yes I got with another man under the influence we were going to get married after I had my son, but realized I wouldn’t marry another man with addiction or who physically abused me. I wouldn’t of even got with him if I knew about his addiction but by time I found out I was 4 months pregnant and got him help. Yes he was sober for a little while but keeping him sober was the hardest thing at that point in my life.

I fully believe in the lord he works mysterious and glorious ways, I do not push what I believe on to others, but I know what I believe, in my native ways. That all being said you should be blessed I have your grandson. Because he is the best father, role model and example any child and children should have who hasn’t had that in their life. And willing to be that, because my kids adore him.

I have made my own way since I was younger, and not after him for any reason other than his love, happiness and a family. Because that’s what we both want. Not just for our children but ourselves as well when our children are grown and gone. We want to build together. That’s it.

And regardless of how you feel towards me I love you. And I will always. Because you are a very sweet lady. And I’ve liked you since day one no matter what you have said about me. Just letting you know I hold no anger towards you only love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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