Midnight Hours

The importance of her to you is what? When you need help and nobody shows up? When you need a ear to listen because nobody else cared to hear you? The midnight hours when nobody saw her coming but you?

Her self worth is a lot compared to many but to you what is it worth? Not enough. Because while she was crying in her pillows thinking of you and what you meant to her, you forgot about her until the midnight hour came. You needed an ear to listen. You need that warm body next yours.

All she wanted to hear was that she was yours. She wanted to be more than a midnight hour. She wanted you to protect her, like she protected you. She wanted you to hold her heart like she does yours. She’s just as strong and as fragile as you, if not more, but she stayed stronger for you.

She wanted you to choose her and tell her you chose her. Like she has always you. She was more than a midnight hour, so many wanted her to be theirs but she only saw you. She only wants you. Let her in! Let her be more than your midnight hour. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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