Writing Changes

So I have been taking a break from writing, not because I haven’t wanted to write but to get more of an aspect to writing. I’m going to change the way I write. It’s going to be more of a journal. Not to be to anyone specific, just what’s in my mind on many topics.

They are going to be situations I have encountered with people, and people I’ve heard, read, and so forth. And I’m putting this out there so if people read these don’t feel these are based solely on direct people. They are general. I run across the same situations very frequent. People tend to talk to me daily about their own personal issues and so forth, so not all these blogs will be based on myself as I may say they are, so it doesn’t focus on other people and so forth.

I am just clearing all this up before my writing take place, because people tend to get in their feelings these days more than they should because the shoe fit and tend to think it’s theirs. So also apologizing ahead of time. I’m very honest, but in a good way. 😁 This all being said I hope my writing help people in the future and love all of you😘

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