Made Her Feel

Dear You,

When you asked her to marry you, you gave her the sense and security of being safe and loved for eternity. Knowing that you have tendencies of being indecisive, she knew without a doubt you were not indecisive about her! You were in love with her.

She knew you were in love with her because for the last 3 years she knew known you, she knew you so well. The depths of conversation you two had were as deep as oceans. The long nights you had with her and hours of talks you shared. The time and spent with each other, the tribulations and hardships life threw at two, to overcome together, she knew nothing could come between you two.

The love between you two is soo strong , nobody could tear it apart, because you two were built to fit. Her love for you is so strong, and a love people wish for everyday.

How can two people love each other so much, have something so great, but one doesn’t wanna work so hard to keep, what so many people in the world search for. Some search their whole life for what they have and never find it. Yes it takes work. And yes at times it’s going to be hard, but why be scared? Why, not go for it? Why give it up? Why make her feel she she has it all and then leave it like she has nothing? Or like she was nothing?🖤

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