He’s All You Have

Dear You,

People on a daily ask why your smiling and you answer because have God in my side. They give you a weird look on their face. And that gives you a bigger smile. It doesn’t make you look down on them but make my heart sad for them. Not feel the love and joy I have.

There are days I am knelt down on the floor balling my eyes out wondering why I’m hurting and why, and soon feel his touch and realize I am no longer lonely. He’s here with me. I remind myself this is just right now. This is just a moment, this isn’t my destiny.

When I talk about why I am over joyed in my happy times even though I am going through a tough time, it’s because I know I know who is beside me, I know who is holding me, and who is protecting me. Whether I am strong or at my weakest points in my life. He, My God, My Lord, My Savior is!

I have been going through what I thought I couldn’t and wouldn’t, but I know in my heart he wouldn’t give me what I can’t handle, he never has. I have overcame, struggles in my life, I never thought I could, I wouldn’t if he wasn’t by my side guiding me. I have faith he is helping through this. I lean on him because in the end, through tears, through joys, He’s the only Man, who never leaves, no matter what, and that is my God!❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is making me stronger. This is a blessing. It may not feel like it at times, but sometimes we aren’t suppose to know the answers, we just weren’t meant to. But I believe and have full faith he wouldn’t lead me in any other direction. But greatness!

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