Dear You,

You can see the same people everyday, do the same things, but nobody came the pain, the hurt. Everyday, your hurting. The tears your eyes let out. The screams you yelled. Nobody can tell.

You feel your in shambles. It’s not that your not happy with yourself, because you known who you are. It’s you let him in a place you never thought you there was a place in you. And that place In yourself. Added so many special things in your life, you were just content. You never thought would end.

It was just completed. Now it’s gone and you feel sooo empty. All the things you like and fulfilled you look for him to share with him and he’s not there. Conversations, laughs, your day, the smallest thing as his smell, and it’s just not there. Everything is just not the same. Food isn’t right no more.

Movies are enjoy, music isn’t enjoyable, nothing is funny. I’m looking for that corny joke. My laugh isn’t even the same anymore. Everyday is empty. I just feel soo lost. I love you sooo much🖤🖤🖤

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