Dear You,

Just hearing the would failure, fail, or failed, makes my heart crumble. Makes my body feel numb. When I hear you say I failed you. My mind twirls around and around like tornado.

Questions just flood my mind like a river over a damn. How can that be? I question, fail? How? I follow what you say precisely so I don’t fail and somehow I do. I sit in silence just so I can’t be misquoted by words and still they get twisted around, or misinterpreted.

I failed you! How? Is it because I follow directions so much? Is because of your indecisiveness, and you mind changes you can’t keep up with what you want? That you want me to fail.

Maybe you want me to fail so bad, because you have failed me. It’s always easier to point fingers. I’ve always been told blaming is always a reflection of yourself. Maybe the failure you think is the failure you feel you have caused me. You keep pointing my little shortcomings, which in 4 years of knowing me isn’t very much.

But I haven’t count yours. What’s the use. When you love someone those don’t matter. When you care about someone it’s the blessings and the overcoming that matter. It’s not about what’s wrong it’s about what can get better, what’s gonna be better, and working together to do better. I just wanna do better❤️❤️❤️❤️

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