I Felt Soo Foolish

Dear You,

I been doing all I can to keep my mind busy and not think about you. And yes it’s hard. Not going to lie depression hasn’t hit so hard in a long time until the last few months. As it eases up I seem to think clearly now. Which I’m feeling a little better day by day.

Today I was running things through my head and feeling so ridiculous but with a smile on my face at the same time I just wanted to start crying. I heard a truck that sounded clearly like yours and immediately I was looking around hoping it was you. And obviously it wasn’t you. Just the sound of your truck made memories flow through my mind.

And tears just wanted to flow like a flood like spring shower. All I could think about was trios we took to get car parts, or the time we went to get the trailer, which was the the night I knew I loved you. With out a doubt! I knew then I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And today I sit here like empty. I know I have to move on at some point. Not to be with someone else but to heal from being fooled for soo long. Lied to about this thing I was told we had and cone to terms that it really wasn’t.

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